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Iris Gregurin

Veterinary Surgeon

Iris Gregurin  - Veterinary Surgeon
Iris Gregurin MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

I was in love with animals since I was in kindergarten. But seeing my dog miserable and sick was the worst feeling ever and that's what inspired me to be a vet.

Seeing animal's gratefulness after improvement as well as owner's happiness is what gets me going and makes me want to be and do better every day.

My favourite thing about working with animals is definitely milions of wet kisses and cute faces you get to see every day. 

I have a Jack Russell terrier named Gita; she stayed in Croatia with my parents and comes to visit every few months. In the meantime, Eric gets all my love and attention.

In my spare time I play ukulele and do yoga, but travelling and exploring new places is my biggest passion.