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Puppy Parties

Puppy parties are a great way to socialise your new member of the family

Puppy Parties

Puppy parties are a great way to socialise your new member of the family

What is a puppy party?

Puppy parties are socialisation classes for puppies of up to 14 weeks old.


Good socialisation as young pups is vital for their development, and we aim to help you along this journey at a time when they are unable to socialise on walks.


They are a safe environment for puppies to play and meet with other puppies when they may only have had one vaccine, or even none at all yet.


For more information, see answers to frequently asked questions below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The play is always controlled and we always request that every puppy begins each session on your lap, or controlled on a lead for larger puppies. We take things gently and as calmly as is possible, as every puppy is an individual and not every puppy is as confident as another. We give each puppy a short time to play with other puppies of a similar nature to help build their confidence gradually and in as gentle a way as possible.


    Each week, alongside the controlled play sessions, we discuss a new topic relevant to bringing up your new puppy, such as house training, preventative healthcare and good nutrition.

  • They are held in our reception area at our Cookridge clinic at 27 Tinshill Road on a Monday evening. We start them after our evening clinic which is usually at 7.15pm. They are scheduled to last around an hour. 

  • Puppy parties are included for anyone who is on our Premium Health Start Puppy Plan, and as availability is limited for safety, places are reserved for those on the plan. We very much welcome  puppies not on the plan where there is space, however, there will be a charge (equal to the cost of three registered nurse consultations) for the three week course.  

  • One of our senior registered nurses, Amanda, runs the puppy parties. She has been involved in training and advising on puppy health and socialisation for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the groups she runs.

  • Usually not, as due to the high demand for places we have to set a limit to the age we include in them. Beyond this age, they are usually at a different stage in their development where a more individualised approach to training is more effective.


    However, Amanda is happy to discuss your puppies needs and whether attending a session would be beneficial for them, so on the odd occasion we can accommodate older puppies if the situation fits.


  • Yes. Our reception area floors are cleaned and thoroughly disinfected after evening surgery, and prior to puppies arriving to ensure it is a safe environment for them to be in.


  • Your puppy will benefit week on week, and grow in confidence much more if you can attend all three sessions. We all have busy lives, however, and we can appreciate that on the odd occasion you may not be able to attend.


    Please contact Amanda in the first instance to discuss this and if no-one in your household can attend with your puppy we can look to reserve your place for the weeks you can attend.


  • Please contact Amanda on amanda@towerwoodvets.co.uk to book your place on our next sessions.