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Kristina Clarke

Brand & Marketing Management

Kristina Clarke - Brand & Marketing Management
Kristina Clarke Brand & Marketing Management

Meet Kristina and her lovely little cat Pud. Pud is a rescue cat that came into Kristina’s care during her first job as a student veterinary nurse back in 2000. At the time, as a kitten of only a few days old, Pud needed hand rearing as he was found in a shed in an elderly lady’s garden. She thinks his Mum had been locked out from the shed and getting back to him a few days earlier. Pud is now almost 20 years old and going strong! Along with Brendan, they also have Pippa and Arti, a Labrador and a Spaniel who you will see around our website, and another little hand-reared black rescue cat called Spider who was found and brought in to Towerwood in 2015.

Having worked at the practice as a student and qualified veterinary nurse previously, Kristina returned to the practice after a few years in other regional practice work, as a Co-Director and an assistant to her husband Brendan. She has now scaled back to a much smaller role helping with branding, marketing and some financial matters.

Out of work Kristina loves travelling with Brendan and loves the tranquillity and peacefulness of the Lake District. She has also recently rekindled a love for creative pastimes such as sewing, embroidery, and even knitting, and can often be found at home attempting to make a new top or dress, or knitting a new jumper!