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Holistic Health Plan

Learn about our Holistic Health Plan

Holistic Health Plan

Learn about our Holistic Health Plan

Our veterinary team understand that not everyone wants to use chemicals routinely but that you still want to ensure your pet is healthy and free from fleas and worms. Our patients have been enjoying the benefits of our practice health plans, so we have developed our holistic plans especially with you in mind.

You will find that our holistic plans fit with your holistic ideals of routine healthcare for your treasured companion, with ways to keep vaccination to a minimum and help to keep those nasty parasites at bay. You can also rest assured that should your pet get the odd flea or worm then we’ve selected the most gentle products to help remove them and get back to a flea free home.

The plan provides you with a great way to spread the costs of these alternative treatments including health checks throughout the year to give you any support and advice you may need. By paying a small and affordable monthly payment you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that your pets routine care is taken care of in the kindest way possible. We’ll even give you a call to remind you when your furry friend is due their next dose.

If you love our alternative holistic approach to your pets healthcare then we would encourage you to take a closer look at our holistic health plans, it might be just what you are looking for.

  • Six monthly veterinary health checks
  • Vaccination nosodes/remedies for use prior to relevant vaccination
  • Annual antibody immunity check blood test and required vaccines
  • Year round essential oils flea deterrents (Premium & Ultimate)
  • Year round intestinal worm treatment with Verm-X (Premium & Ultimate)
  • Faecal worm egg counts (Premium & Ultimate)
  • Specially selected back up flea treatment for your pet and household
  • Annual wellness blood profile, urine testing and blood pressure monitoring – ideal for your older pet and for your peace of mind.

Like most things, a preventative approach towards your pet’s wellbeing is the most pro-active action to take. Why wait for your furry friend to develop a nasty worm infestation when it could have been prevented?

Every day more of our patients join our Pet Health Plans which are designed with you, the responsible pet owner, in mind. We listened to your concerns about costly payments when your pet’s routine treatments are due and decided to do something to help.

We offer both Holistic and Conventional treatment as a practice, and our Health Plans are no exception.

Holistic Puppy Plan

Our holistic puppy plan gives you all the benefits of our regular puppy plans with an emphasis on holistic care, minimal pharmaceutical worming and flea treatments, and late start vaccinations.
  • Full veterinary health check
  • 1st vaccination (late start upto 24 weeks)
  • 2nd vaccination (2-4 weeks later)
  • Nurse puppy check*
  • Puppy Adaptil collar
  • 3 bags Country Hunter nuggets
  • Puppy Training Pack/ Identichip
  • 3 months PHP holistic plan membership
  • Puppy Party course (3 weeks)**
  • Worm & Egg counts monthly, until 6 months old
  • Flea comb & tick hook
  • Appropriate holistic parasite control if required

Our plans are designed to save your money. Each plan offers discounts over 50% off our list price if you purchased seperately, throughout your first 6 months with your new companion.

*Monthly growth and development checks until 6 months old.

**Puppy party sessions are held at our Cookridge clinic in person or via zoom.

Our team can also offer your new puppy 4 weeks free pet insurance with PetPlan!

Ask our team about 4 weeks free cover note for your new addition, which you can use to keep them safe whilst you find the right insurance policy for you.

Our three plan levels:

  Ultimate Cat  Premium Cat  Standard Cat Ultimate Dog Premium Dog Standard Dog
6 monthly 10 point health check
Vaccination nosodes/remedies for use prior to relevant vaccination
2 additional appointments for a nurse health check (excluding treatments and out of hours consults
Annual antibody immunity check* blood test and required vaccine**    
Faecal work egg counts 4 per year 4 per year   4 per year 4 per year  
Intestinal worm treatment with Vermex (if positive)  
Essential oils flea deterrent  
Dental check and Vetzlife Oral Gel (1 bottle per year)    
Back up flea treatment for house and pet        
Annual wellness profile (blood test)        
Annual blood pressure monitoring        
6 monthly urine analysis screening      
Discounts off ALL products and services*** 15% 10% 5% 15% 10% 5%

Vaccininations if required:
Cats; *Feline Leukaemia, *Panleukopaenia (enteritis), Feline Calicivirus & Herpes Virus (flu)
Dogs; *Distemper, *Infectious Hepatits, *Parvovirus, Leptospirosis

***Highest available discount on products or services will be applied when other offers are available but not in addition to other offers

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