We Love to Raw

Cats and Dogs survived on raw food for centuries before commercial diets were introduced

love1Feeding your cat or dog a raw diet is becoming more and more widespread of late. It might surprise you to find out that we’ve been recommending feeding a raw diet for over 15 years now, many of our pet owners turn to raw on the basis of how passionate we are about it.

It’s natural, it suits your cat and dogs’ digestive system and best of all, it actually provides them with optimum nutrition.

Sometimes it’s not easy and it can feel to some pet owners like a leap of faith to feed something other than what society has come to consider normal pet food such as kibble biscuits. But trust us and you’ll be glad you did. Your companion will also thank you for the variety of mouth-watering meals they get!

Want to find out more? Click here to download our free guide to feeding your pet raw.

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