We love our nurses

Our nurses can offer you a wealth of advice and services

love3Our nurses are the backbone of our practice, and they are here to help you to look after your pet every day, whether things are going well and you want to tell us about it, or if things aren’t going so well and you need a friendly ear to just listen. They help our vets to consult and have their own consult sessions where you can have anything from your bunnies claws trimmed, right through to using our K-Laser to help aging patients move more freely.

We wouldn’t be without them so we think they deserve a page dedicated to the services we can provide!

K Laser therapy… what’s that?

klaser-therapyMeet Chester! Really we think he just likes sporting our doggles which protect his eyes from the laser, but we know his older bones and muscles benefit from having K-Laser treatment regularly from our nurses.

Not only does he get lots of fuss, the laser is designed to help rebuild his muscles and fire his nervous system up to help him move more comfortably, much like acupuncture can do.

As the treatment doesn’t involve inserting needles it’s much better for needle shy pets, and the warmth generated during treatment will often help to immediately soothe any aches and pains.

Whilst they will always need a course of treatment, usually a week between sessions, some improvement can often been seen straight away and more over time.

Our Nurses




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