Pain Relief


At Tower Wood Veterinary Group we ensure that all of our patients who have had surgery receive pain relief as part of their premedication protocol.  This lasts for 24 hours following administration. We strongly believe in ensuring our patients are pain free and happy which will help them to recover faster from their operations.

Some surgical procedures will require additional pain relief and in those cases we would automatically dispense pain relief for your pet to go home with following his/her operation.

Every pet is different and every pet responds to pain differently. Whilst our pain relieving protocol is sufficient for the vast majority of pets, some may benefit from a longer course of treatment.

Below are some of the signs of discomfort that we would ask you to look for in your pet post operatively:

  • Cats and dogs may look hunched if they are in discomfort
  • Cats will have very squint/slit like eyes when they are in pain
  • Dogs may refuse to walk or stop and sit down after a few steps
  • Cats may be aggressive
  • Cats and Dogs may lick excessively at the operation site
  • Cats and Dogs may not want to eat if they are sore.
  • Dogs may whine and cry and/or pace
  • The only sign may be that your cat or dog is much quieter than normal

We ask to see back all pets for a post operative check with the nurse 3 days post surgery. If after the first 24 hours you feel that your pet is in any discomfort or displaying any of the above signs of post operative pain then please contact the practice on 0113 2678419 in order that we can dispense a longer course of pain relief for your pet.

You may feel that you would like to purchase additional pain relief when you collect your pet. We are more than happy to dispense this on discharge. Please just mention it to the nurse who discharges your pet following his/her surgery.


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