Pet Health Plans

Pet Health Plans

slide3Like most things, a preventative approach towards your pet’s wellbeing is the most pro-active action to take. Why wait for your furry friend to develop a nasty worm infestation when it could have been prevented?

Every day more of our patients join our Pet Health Plans which are designed with you, the responsible pet owner, in mind. We listened to your concerns about costly payments when your pet’s routine treatments are due and decided to do something to help.

We offer both Holistic and Conventional treatment as a practice, and our Health Plans are no exception.


Contact our clinic to find out more about our established pet healths plans for dogs, cats and rabbits on 0113 267 8419.

We also offer holistic health plans for dogs and cats, so if you’d prefer a more gentle approach to your pets routine healthcare get in touch.





Contact usTo book an appointment for your pet at our practice, simply contact our friendly team by calling our Leeds branch on 0113 2678 419 or our Bradford branch on 0127 4610 627.