Pet Bereavement Support

pet bereavement support

Losing a beloved companion is never easy.



We wanted to compile some resources for you to help you if right now you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the loss of your companion. We also want to offer some helpful and practical ways of dealing with what will always be the most difficult part of pet ownership.


It’s the most difficult decision we will have to make for our loyal and loving family companions. Sometimes we can see it coming, sometimes it can happen quite suddenly without warning, either way it’s never easy when we are faced with the prospect of not spending our days together with our treasured pets. Everyone can react to this sad event very differently, and we recognise that whilst some may need lots of friendly support and an ear to talk to, some may wish to deal with their grief in private. There is no right or wrong way, and everyone is different and individual just as our pets are. So we have compiled a few resources and some information that may help you whatever your needs are right at this moment in time.

Remember that we are always here if you need a friendly ear and someone to talk to. We also have a memories page here where you can submit us your best memories about your beloved companion with a photograph – it can be very therapeutic to take a few moments to write a tribute to and about your pet and share it with those who are going through similar situations.

If you are going through the process of making that decision at the moment, but haven’t quite reached the final stages, you may wish to talk to us about how we can help to give you that support you may need right now. It’s different to the type of support you need following your last goodbye’s, please click here to read more information about what to look for, how to approach this difficult situation and what to expect from our team.

If you need support following your pet passing away, then please read on and select some of our useful links, or join up with a supportive community such as The Ralph Site, where you will find others going through similar situations right now.


The Blue Cross

The Blue Cross animal support charity offer some excellent information and provide a support line if you need someone independent to talk to. You can find their website by clicking here for lots of useful information. They provide support to pet owners across the UK with this service, and you can call their support line on 0800 096 6606 which is open 7 days a week 8.30am to 8.30pm. Calls are all free from a landline, and are completely confidential. You can also email their support service if you prefer on


Our Crematorium

We currently use Pet Cremation Services, they have bases in our area in Doncaster and Church Fenton. Their website also contains lots of information about the end-of-life process and how they can help you.


The Ralph Site

The Ralph Site offers lots of advice on coping with pet loss and the grief you inevitably feel as a result. Their coping with grief and emotions resource is very useful to identify how you may feel right now. Their Facebook page also connects with a community of others going through similar situations and can be somewhere to stop by and chat to others.