Do you have a new puppy?

Then come and join in on our puppy parties! Now also being launched at our Greengates Surgery on a Saturday afternoon!

We hold ‘puppy parties’, or puppy socialisation groups at our Cookridge surgery on a Thursday evening, and have been doing for many years now. They are incredibly popular and are designed to help your new puppy start to understand the world around them, socialising with other dogs and people in a safe and controlled environment. We also discuss all about diet and general healthcare, as well as addressing any questions our new owners have about training and socialising their new best friends away from the surgery.

We currently run a course of 3 sessions for all of our new puppies with each session lasting around an hour. We are now very excited to be introducing them to our Greengates surgery on a Saturday afternoon. We’ve always loved seeing our puppies graduate in to more confident individuals over the 3 weeks and now we can see more of this happen as we introduce them to Greengates. We also make sure that every puppy gets a certificate to prove that they graduated with flying colours!

For more information about our puppy socialisation session at either Cookridge or Greengates get in touch with us on 0113 267 8419 or 01274 610627. You can also email us on for more information.