Nurse Clinics

Our nurses hold a number of clinics to help you care for your pet at all stages of their life

nursePets can be extremely rewarding. You’ve probably found that the more time and energy you put into your relationship with your furry friend, the more they want to be with you. However, throughout your pet’s life you may run into situations where just a few friendly words from a professional would be greatly appreciated.

At Towerwood Vets we appreciate that there may be times throughout your pet’s life where you have questions. You may want some help training your puppy; you may realise that your cat is beginning to put on weight; your elderly rabbit may be having mobility problems. To help you provide the best care for your pet, no matter their age, we have created a number of clinics for you and your pet to attend.

At our clinics you will be able to discuss your queries and concerns with a veterinary professional who will be able to offer you educated advice based on lots of experience. In the past these sessions have proven extremely beneficial to a number of animals for lots of different reasons. We have helped creatures lose weight, trained countless puppies to behave, and even seen arthritic pets relieved of pain thanks to holistic measures.

Below is a list of the clinics we hold:

  • Puppy parties – These sessions are held for three consecutive weeks on a Thursday evening (7:30pm-8:30pm). They are a great opportunity for you and your puppy to come along and mingle with other dogs and their owners in a safe and friendly environment. During these classes various subjects concerning raising a dog will be covered.*
  • Weight clinics – Our weight clinics are held throughout the day during our nursing consultation slots. One of our nurses will regularly weigh your furry friend and monitor their progress. During these clinics you will be supported by one of our registered and qualified nurses who will provide you with advice and tips to help you keep your pet’s eating habits on track.
  • + clinics – Unfortunately as animals’ age they become prone to certain conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. At our 7+ clinics (held during nursing consultation slots) your pet will be screened for specific age-related problems, and thoroughly examined by one of our registered and qualified nurses. These appointments are a great way for us to monitor your pet’s health as they grow older.

*We would like to kindly remind you that spaces at our puppy parties are limited. To avoid disappointment please make sure you call and rsvp a place in advance.

Contact usTo book an appointment for your pet at our practice, simply contact our friendly team by calling our Leeds branch on 0113 2678 419 or our Bradford branch on 0127 4610 627.