K Laser Therapy

Speed up your pet’s recovery painlessly with K Laser therapy

Pets are part of the family, so you’ll do everything you can if they’re suffering from an injury, infection or painful condition.

In lots of cases, pets are prescribed medication when they’re in discomfort. However, just like it does for you, medicine only provides temporary pain relief and doesn’t speed up your companion’s recovery.

Here at Towerwood Vets we appreciate that a pet feeling unwell can be upsetting. That’s why we have recently invested in a revolutionary piece of equipment – the K Laser – to help get your pet feeling better in no time.

We are very proud to be one of very few veterinary practices in the country to have this specialist laser. It allows us to heal animals more quickly after an injury or surgery, ease pain and inflammation, and even increase mobility in pets suffering with conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis.

The K Laser is a non-invasive, hand-held instrument which works by directing infrared light into the area where your pet needs treating. It penetrates deeply into the damaged tissue and stimulates cells to encourage repair and functionality. Also, the K Laser gives off a warm soothing sensation which can provide instantaneous pain relief to affected areas; something the majority of pets enjoy greatly.

In the past, other laser treatments have required up to 60 minute sessions to prove beneficial. However, the K Laser often shows positive results after just one 2-8 minute session. Usually between 3 and 8 sessions are advised for the best results but arthritic patients may require more.

The K Laser can be used to treat a whole host of complaints including:

  • Inflammation and swelling
  • Post-surgical wounds
  • Joint problems
  • Sprains and fractures
  • Certain skin and ear conditions
  • Stiffness

K Laser surgery is non-invasive, quick and does not require any sedation. It is therefore suitable for the majority of animals, including those who are anxious or in extreme discomfort.

Meet Misty!

Linda has been bringing Misty for K-Laser therapy for back and neck pain since 2016 and has found it an invaluable part of Misty’s therapy, getting him back to his usual self. Here’s what Linda had to say!

“Misty is my 10 year old Bedlington Terrier who back in the summer of 2016 had a very vigorous sneezing fit which resulted in him putting his back out and being temporarily paralysed. He had extensive laser treatment and acupuncture which helped him regain his mobility and freed him from pain. Misty then had a problem with his neck last year. He couldn’t turn his head it was so painful for him. Again he was treated with laser which totally resolved the problem. Misty has Cushing’s disease which means he can’t have regular pain relief. He is currently undergoing more laser treatment as he has a painful shoulder and back. I would recommend laser treatment, it has helped Misty enormously.”

K-Laser isn’t just for dogs!

We treat many cats with K-Laser therapy and is ideal as it is a painless therapy without involving needles. We gave Ronnie K-Laser regularly as he reached his ripe old age and it helped his mobility when he was starting to struggle with the stairs in the practice.

We would also like to introduce one of our past patients who is no longer with us. Remy’s owners felt it helped Remy to live a more comfortable life in his senior years.

Meet Remy!

Remy has recently had K-Laser therapy at our practice, here’s what his owners have to say about K-Laser therapy at Towerwood Vets.


“Our eldest boy cat, Remy, had been suffering a lot from pain in his back legs due to arthritis for a couple of years. Over Christmas this seemed to get a lot worse, and our once extremely affectiona
te little fellow suddenly turned into a very grumpy old man. As we were unhappy with drugging him up to the eyeballs, a friend suggested that we try laser treatment. We were sceptical at first but thought that it couldn’t do any harm and shelled out for six sessions at Tower Wood.


The best thing that we ever did! Ever! We saw a noticeable improvement after the first session and after the third session he was like a new cat! Gone was our unhappy geriatric, he was replaced by the Remy of a few years ago, able to jump onto the sofa, chase a toy mouse around and intimidate all the other cats in the neighbourhood. Even friends who hadn’t visited for a while commented on how he looked younger and was far more affectionate. Instead of limping everywhere, he now charges about with his tail in the air!
I cannot recommend laser therapy enough. It has done wonders for Remy

(and the overall harmony of our household), and was an awful lot cheaper than we had expected, so no need to cut Remy’s pocket money. Brilliant!”

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