Dog | Towerwood Vets - Part 2

Pet Fireworks night

Prepare your pet for bonfire night

Our nurse Beth Mendoza has prepared some fantastic advice if you need to prepare your pet for bonfire night, which is fast approaching over the coming […]

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Pro raw food feeding debate for our dogs health

A Raw Food Feeding Debate! Our head vet Brendan Clarke participated in the pro raw food feeding side debate at a recent veterinary conference. The veterinary […]

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Is your pet at a high parvo risk?

It’s been all over social media in North Leeds this week, and it seems genuinely official now, there have been some parvo outbreaks in the area. […]

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Do you have a new puppy?

Then come and join in on our puppy parties! Now also being launched at our Greengates Surgery on a Saturday afternoon! We hold ‘puppy parties’, or […]

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