What does the vet feed his pet?

As a vet, many people ask me what I feed my own dog. I’m very upfront about what I do as a veterinary surgeon because I believe passionately in the type of integrated veterinary medicine I practice, so I have no bones about telling everyone that I feed my faithful companion, Pippa, and my cheeky kitten Spider, raw food. Yes, you heard it right, raw food! I don’t look at the person asking me and make a quick assessment first of how I feel they might take this, or even make excuses, I feed raw because I believe in the benefits it has for my dog and cat.

Don’t get me wrong, raw food isn’t for everyone and I fully appreciate that, which is why I never want to preach to our clients, other veterinary colleagues or even to people I meet in the street. It’s an educated and carefully considered choice that I have chosen because time and time again in my practice I see the benefits of feeding a more natural diet to our pets. It’s been a gradual awakening, should we say, over the last few years of my professional career – I’ve been advocating feeding raw food diets now in excess of 10 years and my esteemed colleagues before me at Towerwood Vets have been advocating it for longer, which is why I know it has great health benefits.

It’s become easier over the past few years to discuss nutrition with our clients, as a society more and more we are becoming more conscious about what we eat ourselves and this is transferring to our pets. So many dedicated pet owners don’t want to feed the same biscuit diet day in day out, we all like to humanise our pets and we think they would find this boring. The chances are they don’t, and don’t get me wrong there are some good and ethically minded commercial pet food companies out there trying to break the mould, but we should always ask ourselves questions such as ‘What will my pet get from the food that I’m putting in front of them?’ And ‘Will it improve their health?’

I like to send out a clear message about my veterinary practice and our fantastic team of vets and nurses. We do things a little differently to what you might expect from your usual veterinary practice, we like to focus on preventative healthcare that you can start in your own home and we want to shout about it! Whilst we are always there if your pet is ill, we much prefer seeing our patients well, fighting fit and healthy.