About Greengates

About Greengates

Our Bradford branch was born due to the demand for our expertise further afield

In 2003 it became apparent to us that some of our clients were travelling long distances to see us. They made the effort to see us because they wanted to receive the exceptional service they were used to from us, but thought it would be great if they could do so nearer to home. We listened to our loyal pet owners and decided to look into what we could do for them.

After years of tirelessly looking we finally found an up and coming development to set up our Bradford branch in 2008.The premises had originally been a petrol station years before. It was then completely flattened and rebuilt as a commercial development, proving ideal for our branch.


Our Bradford branch also offers the same first class services as our Leeds branch. We have a number of veterinary professionals that split their time between our practices, offering passionate and dedicated care to every animal they see.

Due to the number of staff we have at our branches we are able to boast a number of areas of expertise. Our surgeons take strong personal interests in lots of aspects of veterinary science including both conventional and complementary treatments.

Contact usFor more information about our Greengates branch, or to book an appointment for your pet simply contact our friendly team on 01274 610627.