Cats at Home clinics

If visiting the vets is stressful for both you and your beloved cat, consider trying our Cats at Home clinics…


Cat Home Visits

…and opt for stress free veterinary care for your family feline


We wanted to go further than the Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic requirements, recognising that perhaps that not coming to the vets in the first place for your family feline’s important routine healthcare is even better than visiting our Gold Standard Clinic. So we developed the Cats at Home clinic, where one of our cat friendly vets comes to your home to provide your cat’s annual health check and boosters.

Why do we run our Cats at Home clinics?

It can be stressful for your cat to travel, and this can also be stressful for us as owners to see our beloved pets upset in that way. So we felt that a home visit clinic for your cat’s routine annual health check ups and vaccinations would allow us to help ensure that patients receive the healthcare they deserve with minimal stress. Visits can be for routine health and weight checks too, this allows us to carry out checks for early detection of any signs of ill health. This helps us to ensure your cat gets the best healthcare we can provide, even to those pets who just become too overwhelmed during a visit to the practice.

What’s included?

As part of the Cats at Home clinic we can provide a full veterinary health check, including weight check, vaccination as appropriate, parasite treatment, nail clipping, ID chip implantation and scanning, and food deliveries. We tailor the visit to suit your cat’s needs at the time, but please be aware that pre-ordering for parasite treatments will be required as we only carry a very limited supply with on the visits.

I would like to book my cat in, how do I go about this?

You can organise your visit by contacting our reception and nursing team on 0113 267 8419 at Cookridge and 01274 610627 at Greengates. We can discuss with you when our next clinics will be that month, and go through a questionnaire with you to determine your needs for your visit to be sure we book enough appropriate time.

These clinics are carried out during the daytime, between 10-4pm. You should be available all day, and nearer the date of the clinic once the route has been scheduled to ensure our vets and nurses are using their time efficiently, you will be called by one of our team to let you know if you are booked into a morning or afternoon slot. You can let us know if you have a preference at the time of requesting a booking and we will try our best to honour this, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee what time your appointment will be.

How should I prepare myself and my cat for the visit?

It goes without saying, but cats should be kept indoors the day of our visit. We have often had escapees when on our rounds which can waste a lot of valuable time, we know it sometimes isn’t easy to keep Houdini indoors but please ensure you do everything you can to make sure your cat is present for our visit. It does happen though and we understand that, so please don’t wait until we arrive to let us know that your cat is missing, but contact the surgery to let our team know and they will get in touch with our team on the visits to let them know.

Booking deposit

The cost of your consultation and treatment is no more than if you came to the clinic with your cat, and this will vary depending on what treatment we are providing. There is fee for booking into the clinic of £7.50, this deposit is payable in advance of the clinic to secure your place within that months cat clinic.


If you are interested in what we are able to offer as part of our Cats at Home clinic, please get in touch with our team at Cookridge on 0113 267 8419 or Greengates on 01274 610627.